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I have been such a Tumblr un-poster, time to make amends! :P I feel like I should post on here about how University is going, I haven’t actually posted anything about my life in about a year looking back… I’m such a slacker on Tumblr :P. At the moment I feel worse than ever, I feel like I’m trapped here and I’m not very happy at all. (I’ve even grown a beard like some hobo off the street due to being unable to bring myself to shave :P). I feel sad because I’m cooped in my room all the time, I dislike my housemates, and my coursemates all live together so they all go out without a thought for me. I haven’t had a good night out in a very, very long time (notice the two verys there, yer it’s been a long time :P) and I’m just very stir crazy haha. The course is truely just boring, I don’t look forward to any of the lectures and the seminars I don’t actually attend anymore as I don’t do the work due to the inability for me to put pen to paper. I, and this is no exageration, feel like University was the worst mistake of my life and that I should have looked into different roots for myself. Heck there’s more to put but I’ll just finish this post here, I am truely unhappy and I just can’t wait for Easter to come where I get two weeks off (YAY! :P). Parrot fashioning University… Here I come! xD

P.S. I know the post seems whiny but I wanted to put my true feelings down :) 

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